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2° International Shiatsu Day

June 12, 2022



Our aim is to create a group action that will express itself within individual and creative events in the most comprehensive way to raise awareness in Government organizations and public opinion about the values, benefits and utility of Shiatsu practice. Shiatsu is helpful to support emotional stress arising from to Covid-19 and to promote good quality of life, which is necessary to maintain a good psychophysical and immune well-being.



Statement of intent of the International Shiatsu Day

This manifesto is an invitation to take part as a key player to a collective event that aims to reach a wide audience: a symbolic day to feel united and say Shiatsu in all languages of the world.

This initiative has been taken by a large number of people who want to create an event free from any affiliation to political parties or economic gain, an event inviting all Shiatsu practitioners to go beyond barriers and labels.

We dream of a moment where various branches of the practice will come together to act not as a single member but as part of one great heart, the Heart of Shiatsu.

That is how we imagine this day: beyond styles, trends and logos. A vital wave of energy involving all those (schools, associations, groups, individuals) who have discovered Shiatsu and practice it, teach it, receive it and love it!

It is no coincidence that this initiative has found its biggest momentum in such exceptional circumstances that the whole world is going through due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Together we can bring a sign of hope and trust to a fearful and distressed society: thanks to everyone’s commitment this ISD will resonate around the world.

We can all see how important our constant work is in making sure that people and society can live well together in a balanced and harmonious way.

We shiatsu practitioners firmly believe that Shiatsu can help! Everyone of us, whatever role or context, can do his part to promote the event in his community, group and workplace.

We cannot do all this as individuals. An old japanese proverb says that “ Once a fly is stuck to a horse’s tail she can ride tens of miles”. We can do the same as we have a magnificent horse called Shiatsu: let’s start riding!


The first International Shiatsu Day will take place on June 13th 2021 (and on the second Sunday of June every following year).

It will be open to all kinds of events involving Shiatsu organized by associations, schools, groups and individuals.

Everyone, in his own manner and approach, can explore the meaning, the virtues and strength of this ancient practice by thinking up a way to promote it.

The event is meant to be free from any affiliations with political parties, groups or logos:

there are no boundaries when dealing with vitality. When we connect through Shiatsu we can share a pathway and a lifestyle that levels out any difference.

Anybody who wants to take part is invited to promote events on line or in presence (according to the local rules concerning Covid 19), with total autonomy as regards location, duration and modality.

The aim of the event is to bring like –minded people from all around the world together on this symbolic day, while respecting the laws and rules of every local and national communities.

The initiative has no financial objective and there is no participation fee, but it is clear that organizations may incur costs when planning their own activities.

We imagine this ISD like a blossoming of large and small events on web or in towns and cities (where it is possible), both in Italy and abroad…a constellation of proposal all about Shiatsu that will give the chance to know our Art in one day.



What to do in 4 simple steps:

  1. Join the event, there are no costs or obligations;
  2. What is Shiatsu for you..?”. Send your answer on June 13th by posting a photo, or a quote or a short video with hashtag #internationalshiatsuday;
  3. Organize any kind of  activity (where it is possible) concerning shiatsu and posting the event with the ISD logo and #internationalshiatsuday;
  4. Download ISD logo and upload it on your website/ social profile or depliant or simply publish ISD frame on your Facebook profile;

Anyone joining the ISD can use the attached logo on their social profiles or web site and mark their posts with the hashtag: #internationalshiatsuday.

Why #internationalshiatsuday?

  • In this way the event is more recognizable and we can give more visibility to our profession: the more tags, the more people will come to know that within the Shiatsu community there are many reliable professionals that one can contact.
  • Thanks to this tag we will be able to obtain all the photos regarding the event in various countries; we would like to collect them on this website and create an ‘album of memories’ that will be updated every year with new pictures.


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